Home Based ABA Program

We work closely with the family, so your child may become successful at home as well as at school.

Our programs are designed to fit your child.

In our initial consultation we’ll observe, record, and review all pertinent documentation for your child. This will be followed by a formal report with our recommendations and a plan for curriculum development. Our specialty home based ABA programs may include:

  • Individualized assessment of specific areas of need.
  • Curriculum development using research-based methodologies and family focused goal setting.
  • Support with recruiting and hiring the appropriate therapy team.
  • Training and on-going supervision of clinicians, family members, and other related professionals.
  • Frequent meetings with all team members to discuss progress and update goals/programs.
  • A plan to establish a consistency between home and school environments through school observations and support/meetings.
  • Other specialized areas: life skills training, social skills training, community outings, safety awareness, job coaching, leisure skills, potty training and academic tutoring.

Our behavior plans are built on results.

Each of our programs are developed using research-based ABA methodologies and are meant to work within your home and your family. This program includes:

  • Descriptive assessments, interviews and observations
  • Research-based methods to develop behavior plans
  • Adjustments, if needed, after subsequent data is reviewed and analyzed
  • Continuous family and related professionals training
  • Support developing school system behavior plans for both Functional Behavioral Assessment and Behavior Intervention Plans.

We can enhance your child’s learning.

We’ve developed programs that can provide additional help with your child’s learning needs:

  • Social Skills Training. We offer sibling play, play dates, and dyad sessions.
    (2 students with one clinician)
  • Parent Training Program. We offer parental support and training to address specific issues like tantrums, establishing home routines, chores, sleeping, eating and using the toilet.

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