ABA Parent Resources

We know that there is a lot of information out there regarding autism, ABA therapy, related services, school, etc.  We wanted to compile and share a short list of our favorite resources:  

Wrightslaw is a robust online resource for parents that contains thousands of articles and resources regarding special education and the law.  Register for an informative online webinar, or even learn how to become an Advocate through their seminars.  

The Virginia Department of Education website is our favorite when it comes to navigating the local school system.  One is able to find tons of information regarding anything special education related.  From the training resources that teachers are given, to how to write measurable and observable goals, to what your school should be offering in terms of services, this website will be able to answer any question that you have regarding your child's school experience.  We like this resource as a specific way to approach and communicate with your own school, as this information comes directly from their own governing body.  

I Love ABA! is a wonderful blog that is written by a BCBA.  This blog has a wealth of information on almost every topic that you can think of when it comes to ABA.  She writes the blog posts in a very parent friendly and accessible manner, which can certainly be a challenge, when it comes to anything ABA-related.  

The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders is a local resource that not only helps to assess and treat children with autism, but conducts research in the field.  Their newsletters are one of our favorites, as they contain a ton of helpful information regarding their research, programs, and other relevant resources.  

Council for Autism Service Providers has a wonderful document that you can download for free here that outlines the industry's current recommendations on services hours, service models, and ethical ABA practices.  Our favorite part about this document is that it highlights one of our guiding principals; every child is different so every service model will be different.  

Have questions about these ABA resources?  Want to know how we can help?  Contact us.  

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