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We Can Observe, Assess And Help Your Child In Their School Environment.

Our Behavior Plans Can Help Your Child Excel.

Each of our plans are made up of a Functional Behavioral Assessment and a Behavior Intervention Plan and are meant to work with your child’s current school curriculum. These include:

  • Descriptive assessments, interviews and observations
  • Frequent data reviews that are analyzed to make adjustments where necessary
  • Training teachers, family, and related professionals
  • Support and help through plan development and implementation

Individualized Educational Plan Support And Help.

We are experts in reviewing the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that your child’s school has made for them. We offer support and recommendations to help keep your child’s learning on track. For this, we provide the following three levels of involvement in the process:

  • Basic. Program Director (Licensed Teacher and BCBA) will review the IEP draft and offer objective advice and general feedback to ensure that the client’s IEP contains the most effective educational and behavioral strategies for the student. This is a great package for a parent who is not seeking individual services but would just like a second opinion on an IEP!
  • Intermediate. Program Director (Licensed Teacher and BCBA) will review the IEP draft and observe the student in the classroom, as well as conduct interviews with parents, educators, related professionals to better understand the situation. In this level, the Program Director may attend the actual IEP meeting to offer professional assistance to the parent.
  • Advanced. Program Director (Licensed Teacher and BCBA) will review the IEP, conduct interviews, and observe the student in the classroom. In addition, the Director will conduct individual assessments that might be beneficial for the purposes of the IEP. The Program Director will attend the IEP meeting to share the results of the assessment and to assist the parent. After the IEP is signed, the Program Director will collaborate with the family and school to correctly implement the IEP.

School services made to enhance your child’s growth.

Our school services can incorporate observation sessions as well as shadowing and private instructional assistance. We also offer Independent Educational Evaluations commissioned by the public school system.

  • Shadowing/Private Instruction. Child receives direct support at school as well as specialized training for existing school staff to help support the student. This can also include recruitment and training of private clinicians to assist the student in the school setting.
  • Observation. A Program Director will observe the student and complete a report, including any relevant recommendations or observations. This is a unique opportunity for a “third-party” neutral look at the educational setting.
  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE). There are only a few individuals in the area that are approved and qualified to perform this evaluation. T-Ten is fortunate to have one of these teachers on our staff. We are also happy to complete an evaluation privately to further support the IEP process.

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