Taking Your Passion International: My Arrival

A new world: I wasn’t sure where to go when I arrived at the Bucharest airport.  The signs were in Romanian only at first and my “friend” from the plane was out of my sight. I followed the hustle of the crowd and found myself stopped at a gate prior to receiving my luggage.  I showed my passport and was able to then move forward through the door with the other passengers (who were most likely “home”, unlike myself). I was instantly relieved to see the baggage claim area was small.  I waited near the others for what seemed like a lifetime. Every now and then the door to the outside would open and I saw a bunch of people waiting for their loved ones to come out.  I kept glancing to try to spot Lindsey.  I was getting hot (it seems the temperatures are kept warmer in Romania) and a little anxious.

Finally, my bag!  I quickly lugged it towards the exit. I stepped out and felt instant relief (it was cooler, too) and then, I saw his smiling face and Lindsey’s too! I was greeted with big hugs and beautiful roses. E said “Tammy” in an excited voice and then asked if he could have a rose. 

I was super comfortable now with E and his family. As we drove to their home, I snapped some pictures of the cool buildings and their beautiful street of homes. I was welcomed by their friends  and after getting to Skype my family, slept wonderfully. This was good because in the morning assessment began!

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