Website Review: Different Roads To Learning


Check out Different Roads to Learning website at The site provides parents and therapists with materials needed for individual programs. They offer many different methods to learning. Some of these methods include flashcards, books, timers, communication boards, targets for more advanced social skills, and more. This website provides parents and therapists with an easy to navigate site allowing them to find materials to supplement the goals they are currently working on in the home and the community.

Look for the link “starting a program” that allows parents and therapists to see what others commonly use when starting a program. This may include assessments of current skills the child has, as well as deficits that need to be targeted in individualized programs. The most common assessments used are the ABLLS®-R: Assessment of Basic Language & Learning Skills and the VB-MAPP: Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment & Placement Program. They even offer the newest assessment AFLS: Assessment of Functional Living Skills.

The website provides more commonly used items like the Language Builder cards, timers, tally counters, puzzles, common objects kit, and more. The language builder cards can be used for multiple programs such as visual performance, receptive skills, and labeling. The cards can be used to teach labels, functions, features, and class. Timers can be used for on-task behavior or during transitions. They provide a clear beginning and end to work and break phases. Tally counters provide an accurate count of questions answered, mands for the day, and to track behaviors. Puzzles are used for visual performance=, an important step for learning. The child correctly identifies the shape or piece, locates the correct spot, and then has to manipulate the piece to fit into the puzzle. Common objects kits are used for receptive and labeling skills. The child learns the names of the objects and generalizes to common objects found around the home. These tools are useful when first starting a program. Remember to consultant a-bcba or bcaba- trained on how to use these materials effectively. They will be able to help develop an aba program specifically designed for your child. The bcba or bcaba will be able to help with implementation and generalization of the skills.  I hope you find this website helpful in the future.


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