A Little Perspective…


Today’s blog is not packed full of information, or a commentary on recent research, etc., etc.    It’s more of a self reflection that I feel compelled to write as I am right smack in the middle of a move.

What does moving have to do with ABA or my job or really anything related to our clients?  Nothing really, except it’s given me a little perspective that might help me in my day to day dealings with our children.  I am admittedly quite nervous to move out of my life long comfort zone in Reston to Warrenton, Virginia.  I won’t know which grocery store to go to, the best back roads to take, the closest CVS, or any of those other niceties that come with being intimately familiar with a particular area.

But the thing that has been on the forefront of my mind is that I can communicate with those around me about these issues.  I have told my fiance several times that I am  nervous and received comfort, I have looked up the closest drug stores on the internet and reduced my anxiety about knowing where to go.  This type of communication is either extremely difficult or nearly impossible for our kids.  They can’t say they are scared or nervous, let alone take the steps to problem solve and quell their own anxieties.  As we know, these are often the times that our kids act out the most. They could be frustrated or scared from not knowing how to ask about what’s going on, or they may be taking control of their lives in any way they know how.

The next time that I encounter a new behavior problem with one of my clients, I hope I take the time to stop and think about how I felt when my life was so out of control and scary.  I hope that this experience has given me the little push of a reminder that I needed to stay compassionate and patient and to ALWAYS take the time to understand our kids.


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