5 Things That Make Us a Unique ABA Company

We know that ABA is the gold standard to address a variety of developmental and behavioral concerns across many populations and ranges of abilities (read here).  But how do you know the provider you choose is actually going to be any good?  How can you know if they are a good fit for your child and their needs?  Here is a list of 5 things that make us a unique ABA company.  Hopefully this is at least a starting point as you begin your journey to find the perfect provider. 

 1. We have experience- The owners have a combined 30 year history in the field

We have been there through all the fads, the lotions and potions, and the magic wands. While some of it hasn't stuck around for very long, we have learned at least a small gem from every new thing that has popped up in our field.  These experiences have led us to become a very well rounded, open minded group; a necessity when dealing with the intricacies of our clients.  

2. We focus on motivation (and happiness)

Every child deserves to have a happy life.  It's our job to figure out how to get them there.  ABA is well known for the use of reinforcement, but this is certainly an area that can be wildly misunderstood in our field.  A token system does not equal happiness.  Working with the child to discover their own values and motivations (like through a variety of ACT focused activities) might be the missing link to your child's happiness. When we discover what is their true inherent motivation, we can open doors together.  

3. We focus on quality over quantity 

Many of our BCBAs (including the owners) still work directly with our clients.  If more hours are recommended, we have RBT's with extensive field experience, who are supervised frequently by the BCBAs.  We don't have a revolving door of therapists over here.  We discovered early on that taking care of our therapists has the greatest trickle down effect imaginable; they stay with us, which means they stay with their clients.  Some of our therapists have been in their client's lives for over 10 years!

4. Flexibility 

Rigidity has no place in a field that teaches flexibility. See what I did there?  But seriously, we believe in embodying flexibility as it only helps our clients and their families.  There are no minimum program  hours.  There is no diagnosis required.  Only want parent coaching?  That works for us!  Our families have enough to deal with and adding arbitrary rules and requirements certainly does not help.  We will work with you to tailor a program that works best for you and your family. 

5. Individualization 

Fortunately, the field of ABA has expanded in many different ways over the years, and we are here for it!  Nothing is more exciting than learning about the newest (evidence based) aspect of our field, as inevitably, our clients can benefit.  Over the years we have added many tools to our tool belts, to include social thinking/theory of mind, the Unstuck and On Target program, executive functioning skills, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Skills Based Training.  Oh, and of course we still have the oldies in our toolbelts, like Verbal Behavior and Natural Environment Teaching (NET).  

Want to talk more about our amazing company and how we might fit with our family?  Contact us today at [email protected].  

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