Our Qualifications

We are ABA Credentialed Therapists.

T-Ten is more than a group of qualified teachers. We are ABA credentialed therapists.
We use applied behavior analysis to study, teach, and change targeted behaviors.

We Are Experts On Principles Of Learning And Behavior.

T-Ten’s BCBA’s conduct descriptive and systematic behavioral assessments, including functional analyses, and provide behavior analytic interpretations of the results. They specialize in designing and supervising behavior analytic interventions and programs, as well as teach others to carry out ethical and effective interventions based on published research.

Why Hire A BCBA?

Your child is in good hands with our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts. Here’s why:

  • A BCBA is required to meet education, training, and experience requirements as well as pass a certified board examination.

  • A BCBA is required to continue their education in the field by attending and participating in approved courses and conferences to maintain their certification.

  • A BCBA adheres to national certification, ethical, and legal standards.

Give Your Child The Best Care.

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