Katie Lee

Katie Lee is a graduate of Northern Michigan University with a degree in Psychology and Communication Disorders. She specialized in Early Childhood Education and Behavior Modification. Katie has also gone on to further her Applied Behavior Analysis coursework at Florida Institute for Technology. As an educator of young infants through college age individuals, it is hard for Katie to pick a specialty. Motivation and Natural Environment Teaching tend to be her go-to favorites, shortly followed by Social Skills/Thinking and Executive Functioning. Katie has practiced ABA in schools, private preschools, children's gyms, homes, amusement parks, the community, summer camps, and in-clinic settings. Katie's favorite thing about ABA therapy is that you can do it anywhere with anyone and teach anything. She can be found playing a harmonica while dancing and pretending to play carwash. She can also be found running therapy in a pool with a clown nose on. Katie is hard to embarrass. If you ask her two children what she does for a living her kids will say, "she helps kids be their best." In her spare time, Katie enjoys folding laundry-kidding. She enjoys having spare time and uses it to "see where the day takes her."

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